Government bank on technology to lower cost of buildings

Technology has helped reduce the cost of house construction by more than three times with the two bedroom house now being built within eight days at a cost of 1.1 million shillings.

Housing principal secretary Charles Hinga says this is due to patrnership the government forge with the private sector and other patrners that have drastically reduce cost for the affordable housing projects.

“Affordable housing is not the government coming to build a house for you, affordable housing is government enabling you to have choice of technology, lowering the cost of construction and giving various incentives,” Housing principal secretary Charles Hinga said.

Hinga says technology helps reduce the duration it takes to construct a house, and calls for the two bedroom house now having drastically reduce over that last three years.

Following the intervention that have cut the cost of the construction, the government is now recurring constructions to pass on the benefits to Kenyans eyeing suitable housing projects.

” We have a new housing scheme coming up at the all metrological site, and we tendered at a price of 25,000 shillings per square metre,” he said.

He however, acknowledge that the high cost of land in Kenya has being a key challenge since most land holders hold it for more speculative purpose.

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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