“Ruto, You Lied,” Edwin Sifuna

William Ruto.

On a TV show last night, Ruto made a myriad of accusations against The ODM Party, and the ODM Party Leader which rises lots of questions and concern.

One such accussation that stood out, from Ruto’s mouth, is that the Rt Hon Raila Odinga approached him four times prior to the famous handshake for purposes which he did not bother to disclose. Such accusations have not gone down well with Edwin Sifuna and he has taken the deputy president head on.

Sifuna has come out guns blazing and tore into Ruto’s accusation and framing him as a cheat if anything is to go by. Through an article published in one of the local dailies, He kept puching in holes on ruto’s claims and further went ahead to put it to perspective how Ruto is a perennial liar.

Edwin Sifuna claims “Under ordinary circumstances, right thinking people would never be constrained to reply to a pathological liar with an almost deranged mentality like William Ruto. But these are no ordinary times, and William Ruto, as is well known, is currently the country’s biggest burden, both on the national conscience, and in the literal sense”

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    Written by Albert




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