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Bishop Maragret Wanjiru: Raila’s maandamano is the devil’s work

by Paul Nyongesa
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Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, a renowned politician and leader of Jesus Is Alive’s Apostolic Church, recently made headlines with her fiery sermon denouncing opposition-led demonstrations in Kenya.

The outspoken Bishop, who was recently appointed Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, claimed that the ongoing maandamano (demonstrations) organized by opposition leader Raila Odinga were the work of the devil and were being used to stop and scatter the work of the Lord.

Bishop Wanjiru, who claimed to have prayed for Raila Odinga on numerous occasions, said that she respected the opposition leader, but could not condone the destruction and evil that came with the maandamano. She argued that the demonstrations were a hindrance to the revival and “glory mtaani” that God had given them.

“I stand here today with the apostolic authority and anointing dropped on me by God that I have to say that demonstrations must stop in this country and Nairobi. Isn’t it even more annoying that these demonstrations are only in Nairobi and Kisumu? Isaiah 61 gives me the leeway to set the captives free. Not set other tribes free and leave the Luos. We are also setting the Luos free. The people of Kisumu and Nairobi, we refuse to be subjected to oppression. So many people have died, and property destroyed because of the greed and demands of one person. How long shall this continue?” she posed.

In her sermon, Bishop Wanjiru urged Kenyans to stop the devil in his tracks before he stopped the revival. She went on to claim that election losers must stay in the opposition and winners form the government, a stance that has generated mixed reactions in the country.

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