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  • Political Brand Design Package That Positions Aspirants For success 2022
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    Political Brand Design Package That Positions Aspirants For success In 2022

    Are you an aspirant in the upcoming general elections in Kenya? Are you relentlessly sure you are going to win the seat? In the recent past, we have learned from previous by-elections that political strength has highly been influenced by digital media and a well-executed political brand design package. Information uploaded on social media platforms […] More

  • How Effective Brand Design Impacts Your Business
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    How Effective Brand Design Impacts Your Business

    In simple terms, brand design describes all the processes done to create a distinctive identity for your product in comparison to other brands. Key factors when coming up with your brand design A lot of brainstorming and research by the key stakeholders or members should be done. The Graphics design should be a reflection of […] More

  • Business Digital Positioning
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    Business Digital Positioning to Improve Your Site SEO

    Just from the title, you probably already have an idea about what we will be tackling in this article. As a business, you want your brand to stand out from the rest. Digital positioning is based on what you know about your customer. To stand out, you need to connect with your target audience, stay […] More

  • Why Your Business Needs a Website
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    Why Your Business Needs a Website

    A website is a very important tool in building your business’s online presence. Especially in this day and age, clients will most likely visit your website before they make a purchase. Of course, the quality of the website matters. In this article, we will highlight the reasons why your business needs a website. Most businesses […] More

  • Chatbots, A New Technology for Your Business Today
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    Chatbots, A New Technology for Your Business Today

    Apparently, one of the robust challenges affecting business organizations that have consistently hampered their abilities to perform effectively is balancing the demands of uniqueness and effectiveness. Often, the reason why some organizations are unable to balance the two rests in their inability to embrace technology, in a manner capable of addressing business needs today. “Chatbots” […] More

  • Mobile Apps: Let's Look In-Depth About Mobile Apps
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    Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

    I am sure the term “mobile app” or “app” really is not new to many of us. We use apps daily for various purposes like reaching out to friends, working, tracking the number of steps we took that day, and the number of calories burned, just to name a few. In this article, we will […] More

  • Brainverse Prime
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    5 Reasons Why Brainverse Prime Is Necessary for Your E-commerce Business

    According to Internet World Stats, 1,373,486,514 of the population in Africa use the internet today thus leading to the increased unprecedented urge to have a personal brand/business website, which has continued to revolutionize the market sector. The rise in Digital media also comes with several threats ranging from cyber-crime, invasion of privacy to crashing sites. […] More

  • Work From Home - #ByBrainverse
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    How To Enrich Your Work From Home Experience

    The global Covid-19 pandemic prompted many companies to transition from physical work stations in an office to partial or full-time remote working for its employees. For some, working from home has been a lifestyle choice prior to the pandemic, given their line of business where transactions with clients are done online. No matter the circumstance […] More