Certified Homes Creates Online Platform To Purchase Properties

Certified Homes is the most innovative real estate developer in East and Central Africa. The developer has created a platform whereby you will purchase your property of choice online.
This process is simple, very convenient and hustle free.

Having the clients satisfaction at heart, Certified Homes Ltd has set a platform for online purchase without physical engagements for both local and diaspora clients.
Follow this simple procedure;

(i) Login to Certified Homes website
Identify then select your preferred property that you want to purchase, the current properties on offer are,
*Sukari Heights
*Rumuruti Gems
*Favourite Gardens Nanyuki

(ii) Having selected the investment property, then provide us with your details by filling the online clients details form to enable us prepare the offer letter for you.

(iii) The offer letter will be sent to you via email, it will facilitate you to pay the deposit for your investment property by presenting it to your bank.

(iv) Having paid the down-payment, Certified Homes advocate will prepare for you the sale agreement which will be sent to you via email so that you can append your signature.
The sale agreement is a legally binding contract that stipulates the obligations and duties of both the developer and the client.

(v) Certified Homes will initiate the process of title transfer to your name having completed paying for your investment property.
The guaranteed title transfer period is thirty days.

Certified Homes is committed to make your investment yield high returns by sourcing properties in prime locations that have highest growth and appreciation rate.
Welcome to Certified Homes Limited.

Call/ WhatsApp +254720460413/ 2055039187/ 0726 450 450/ 0711 128 128

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