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Shock as man badly beats wife, burns own house and digs grave to end his life after tough times

by Paul Nyongesa
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A bizarre incident occurred in Eshironyanga village, Navakholo Constituency, in Kakamega County, where a 22-year-old man burnt down his house and dug a grave to bury himself alive. The man identified as Francis Chebuche allegedly beat his wife after a disagreement over his drug addiction, which has been causing constant quarrels in their marriage.

According to family members, the young man became restless, shouting that life had become unbearable for him. He then proceeded to dig a six-foot grave, demolish his house, and went to the nearest market center to buy his own casket and clothes to wear for burial.

Curious residents followed Chebuche to his house, but he chased them away with a machete and a knife, leading them to alert the police. When the police arrived, the young man became agitated, refusing to listen to his family’s pleas to calm down.

His father, Moses Andalo, said that they do not know where his wife went but confirmed that his son was adamant about proceeding with his burial preparations. Despite reporting the case to the police, he was unmoved, insisting that he wants to go to his resting place alive.

According to his sister, Maureen Kakai, her brother has been harassing their parents, and called on the police to arrest him for threatening to kill his family members. The community elders led by Meshack Oponyo also insisted that Chebuche must undergo a ritual cleansing since digging a grave and buying a coffin to bury oneself while still alive is a bad omen.

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