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Shock as man discovers wife of six years is actually his sister

by Samantha Ruth
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A man’s life has been turned upside down after discovering that he is genetically related to the mother of his two young children.

The man, who was adopted at birth, had no knowledge of his biological parents until he underwent testing to see if he could donate a kidney to his wife of six years, who had fallen sick after their son was born.

The man shared on Reddit that he received a call saying that he was a match to donate a kidney to his wife. However, after additional testing, the results showed an abnormally high match percentage between him and his wife. The man then learned that he and his wife were actually siblings.

“My wife got sick just after our son was born and now is in need of a kidney transplant. We checked with her relatives and none were a match or a viable donor. I knew it would be a long shot so I decided to get tested to see if I could donate. I got a call the other day saying that I was a match.” He said.

The man, who did not want to be named, spoke of his shock and disbelief at the news. He recalled how he had met his wife eight years ago, exchanging numbers and meeting up whenever he travelled to her state for work until he was able to transfer his job there permanently.

He now faces the difficult task of deciding what to do moving forward, knowing that continuing his relationship with his wife may be wrong.

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