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Amber Ray Claps Back at Andrew Kibe in the Most Savage Way Possible

by Samantha Ruth
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Amber Ray, a popular Kenyan socialite and influencer, recently found herself in a war of words with controversial content creator Andrew Kibe. Kibe had reportedly made derogatory comments about Amber’s way of life, including her relationship with moneyed businessman Rapudo, and her son Gavin.

Kibe had accused Amber of trapping Rapudo with a pregnancy shortly after meeting him, and had criticized her for raising her son in a way that he claimed would make him “soft.”

“She’s now flaunting that pregnancy everywhere, with that ka-weak boy of hers, this ka boy is going to grow up very soft” Kibe claimed.

However, Amber did not take these comments lying down, and fired back with a series of scathing remarks on her Instagram stories.

Referring to Kibe as a “former pastor who retired prematurely,” Amber accused him of being broke and lacking a clear vision for his life. She also alleged that Kibe had a debt of 2.5 million that he had not paid for several years. “Unlike your ex-girlfriends, you will never know what it means to be blessed unless you find a way to break up with yourself,” she warned him.

Amber went on to criticize Kibe’s content, saying that he was insulting God, women, men, and children. She compared him to controversial figure Andrew Tate and said that he was a “disgrace to his ancestors.”

Finally, Amber issued a stern warning to Kibe, telling him to keep her son’s name out of his mouth and to never drag her family into his content again. “When you choose to insult my family because you have none, I’ll make you a story, be warned,” she threatened.

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