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Pastor Ezekiel breaks silence after man dreamt he had stolen his wife

by Samantha Ruth
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ongregants admitted to having a dream about sleeping with the pastor’s wife, Sarah. The young man further revealed that he struggles with uncontrolled lust for women and has difficulty differentiating between young girls and mature women.

During the confession, the young man admitted to picking up women late at night due to the nature of his job. However, he often finds himself in a predicament in the morning when he discovers that he had picked up an older woman instead of a young girl, as he had intended.

The young man also shared a dream he had had about the pastor’s wife, Sarah, where he had taken her. The pastor and the congregation found the confession amusing, and they all laughed.

However, the pastor used the opportunity to speak to the congregation about the importance of raising children with love and guiding them in the right direction. He emphasized the need for God in the lives of the youth, who often struggle with various temptations and challenges.

The pastor’s wife, Sarah, did not make any comments during the confession, but it was evident that the situation had affected her. The pastor promised to counsel the young man and help him overcome his struggles with lust.

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