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How Ruto Responded After What Bondo Residents Did To His Motorcade During His Visit In The Region

by Paul Nyongesa
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How Ruto Responded After What Bondo Residents Did To His Motorcade During His Visit In The Region

President William Ruto toured Raila’s stronghold Bondo Siaya County Nyanza Region. Accompanied by his close associates and other political leaders. Ruto received a huge reception from the local leaders. He was launching Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University research Blue economy and agriculture hub.

In a video posted online, as Ruto was about to departure. A huge crowd of residents blocked his motorcade, demanding him to greet them. Ruto couldn’t fail to acknowledge them. He thanked the residents for the warm reception. Thanking them for freely giving out a piece of land for building of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University. In reply to his sentiment the residents positively responded to him as his chants filled in the announcing their unshakeable support.

“Watu wa Miembe nataka kumwaambia Asanteni sana Kwa kutukaribisha hapa nyumbani. Nilikuwa nimekuja hapa Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University kufungua building Iko hapo na serikali imeweka shillingi million mia nne kujenga hii university Kwa sababu ya watoto wetu wa Kenya.

“Nyinyi ni watu wangwana Kwa sababu mlitoa ardhi Ili watoto wa Kenya wasome. Leo tumefungua Mambo ya research, Blue economy na agriculture. Ngoja Sasa nyinyi mbona mnaniharakisha. Kwani mmeambiwa Mimi Niko na haraka. Mosmos. Mimi Sina haraka. Na washukuru pia Kwa kufanya uchaguzi Kwa amani . Sisi Sote wakenya tutasonga mbele pamoja.”


President William Ruto has pledged to oversee equitable distribution of development projects regardless of voting patterns.

Speaking in Bondo on Saturday, President Ruto said his government will not focus on ethnicity or political affiliations.

He promised to work with all leaders regardless of where they come from for the benefit of all Kenyans.

“I will ensure that based on the foundation that Kenyans put during the election, where they showed that they were not ready for tribal politics and politics of ethnicity,” the President said.

“I will and I am ready to work with all leaders from each and every region of this country like brothers and sisters,” he added.

The Head of State further called on all elected and appointed leaders to serve all Kenyans equally and forget about how they voted in the August 9 General Election.

“I am asking all leaders from the MCAs to Governors and Cabinet Secretaries to serve everyone equally,” he appealed.

Ruto added: “Those who voted for us and those who did not vote for us deserve services because they are all Kenyans and they pay taxes.”

President Ruto spoke during ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo’s home coming.

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