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“We are the worst! I am a single mom but I would never allow a single mom in my rentals”; Lady’s land rules leaves tenants speechless

by Joshua Wanga
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In a departure from what is the norm where single mothers face ridicule and ostracism from married women, Nairobi single mothers were in for a rude shock after they were subjected to discrimination by none other than one of their own.

Zion Pearl, a popular religious online figure with a huge following took to Twitter to admit that although she herself is a single mother, she will never rent her property to a Kenyan single mom, and in the same breathe, revealed that she will never feel offended if anyone refuses to allow her into their property. She then confessed to having experienced one of her life’s worst encounters with a certain slay-queen. Her tweet read,
I’m a single mom, but I will *never* rent a property to a Kenyan single mom or feel offended if anyone refuses to rent me their property. I have never in my life encountered such a brazen slay queen.

A while back, a pan-African study by two Canadian sociologists showed that Kenya has one of the highest levels of children born out of wedlock on the continent.
The trend is also likely to cause head-scratching among scholars to determine who is to blame for this phenomenon and why Kenya is faring worse than other countries in Africa.

In Kenya, the most affected are women in their late teens and early 20s who are increasingly being left to raise children single-handedly after their male partners flee.
Prof Clark argues that single motherhood is responsible for poor outcomes among children.

Six of every 10 Kenyan women are likely to be single mothers by the time they reach 45, one of the highest rates for single-parent families in Africa.

According to new research that reveals an astounding new face of the Kenyan family, an increasing number of women are drawn into single parenthood as more men abandon their traditional role as providers for their children.
An array of factors, including irresponsible fathers, peer pressure and the struggle to cope with modernisation, are blamed for the trend, in which three in 10 Kenyan girls become pregnant before the age of 18.

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