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Risper Faith talks about baby frustration

by Paul Mbogga
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Retired socialite Lady Risper has bemoaned the fact that despite the size of their humongous house, her husband still wants them to have only two children.

The mom of one went on to air her frustrations saying that it didn’t make any sense that with such a big house her hubby wouldn’t badge on wanting no more than two kids.

She added that her hubby should realise that women from the Luyha community normally want to get many kids.

“With all these rooms and still my husband wants only 2 children, nani atamwambia waluhya tunapenda kuzaa 😂😂😂” Lady Risper said.

Some of her fans congratulated her on the beautiful house while others volunteered to be given the opportunity to talk to her husband so that they would change his mind about having only two children.

“I want to help you convince him. 😆As a legitimate Luhyian with four children and all while my husband wanted ten children, I ended up with only four,” said one by the name of Bee Maube.

Others told her that he probably only needed two from her and added some from other women.

The curvaceous socialite is married to a businessman called Brian Muiruri who is not very active online as she is.

The two reportedly had issues late last year before Brian allegedly made up with her by wooing her by buying the socialite a car as an apology.

In other news,

The matter of DNA has once again gained traction after the cost and availability of the DNA test kit became a topic of discussion on Monday.

Home DNA test kit has elicited endless discussion with netizens trying to weigh in with various opinions.  DJ Mo said the whole thing sounded fake to him.

He added that he is satisfied with the paternity of his two children with Size 8.

“To me, it sounds like a scam – that price honestly not adding up, now maoni yangu “I don’t need it myself am satisfied 😂.”

Comedian Njugush said it will cost many marriages.

“Tunafaa tuiite “kit mi kayi” But it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. However, let people know the truth and the truth shall set them free.”

Former Grand Pa records CEO, Refigah said if you are a father to someone, there is no need to risk finding out that you ain’t.

“It’s better to leave the person you’re with instead coz clearly u don’t trust them. Fatherhood is beyond just impregnating a woman, fatherhood ni malezi, mazoea, mapenzi

Those excited about the kit wako na low self-esteem na hawajawai jiamini or the relation been dead they are just looking for a way to bolt out ata wapata watoto ni wao they will still kill that relationship.”

Kanyari said if the introduction of the home DNA test kits will help him discover his other children, he supports it.


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