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Top Rift Valley politician who defected to Raila before poll now begs Ruto in heartfelt plea as he makes allegations about the military

by Joshua Wanga
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In what will probably be looked back upon as either a startling move of miscalculation or an incredible stroke of bad luck, after sticking with William Ruto through the hardships, in a move he would later regret, he decamped to Azimio as the polls were just around the corner. Now, in a heartfelt plea, the prominent Rift Valley politician is reaching out to the president.

Former minister in the Moi era Kipruto Arap Kirwa was speaking while making an appearance on KTN News in an interview that was conducted by the station’s presenter Debarl Ainea.

While touching on the issue of corruption in the military recruitment exercise, Kirwa revealed that in most cases prospective recruits are forced to part with as much as 400,000 while in some extreme instances, even 800,000. Particularly using the word “beg”, Kirwa said he was begging president William Ruto to look into the issue.

Kirwa lamented that although the Moi regime was fraught with corruption, a sense of dignity and honesty was maintained in the military, different from nowadays.

He pleaded with the Commander in Chief to bring back sanity in the disciplined forces and combat the vice which had gotten out of hand.
A while back, then Vice Chief of the Defence Forces Lt Gen Joseph Kasaon said more than 15 teams had been formed led by Brigadier John Warioba to oversee the recruitment exercise.

He then dropped a bombshell that 54 military service personnel had been sacked in six years over taking of bribes during recruitment.
“Let Kenyans know this exercise is free of charge and fair to all. Successful candidates will be informed on the spot,” said Lt Gen Kasaon.

He made the remarks at DoD headquarters while briefing journalists on the recruitment programme.

Officials from the National Intelligence Service, Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, media and other organisations have previously been invited to monitor the exercise.

The Constitution also requires KDF to reflect the regional and ethnic diversity of the people of Kenya in Article 241(4).

Past recruitment exercises have often been marred by a myriad of flaws including claims of bribery, political interference, and unequal distribution of slots across districts and favouritism.

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