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‘Kenyans Must Be Prepared To Suffer, Wacha Kuharakisha Ruto- Atwoli

by Paul Mbogga
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Francis Atwoli used to be a member of Azimio La Umoja One coalition and he supported Raila Odinga up to the point that he was finally defeated by the president William Ruto in the August 9 general election. He quickly moved on from the loss and asked kenyans to put politics in the past and rally with the president William Ruto towards nation building.

Today Atwoli has asked kenyans to prepare themselves for the hard times to come. He has said they must be prepared to suffer and they should stop putting alot of pressure to the president since it is still early. Building a nation takes time and it is nearly three months in power, the president is still making crucial appointments that will be helpful towards the fulfillment of the pledges he made during campaigns.

Kenyans are expecting the president to stabilise the dying economy, they want the president to lower the basic commodities like sugar, maize flour and fuel. Do you think Kenyans need to give Ruto more time? Leave your comment below and kindly follow for more updates.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/channel7newstv/videos/969334407362647/

The Senate will meet today to decide what will happen to the in hot water Meru county executive Kawira Mwangaza. Kenyans are waiting with bated breath to see what would happen to Bishop Kawira Mwangaza. If the grounds for Kawira’s impeachment satisfy the necessary standards, Amason Kingi will preside over the meeting where the decision will be made.

Kenyans are still debating about what the news media disclosed to them on social media. This comes after they made allegations about what will happen when the 11-member committee’s recommendations are announced.

Kawira will find out today whether she will be fired from her position or cleared of all accusations, according to TV47 and Standard Media.

A motion to impeach Kawira Mwangaza was tabled due to allegations of grave misconduct, nepotism, abuse of office, and other things. The majority of Meru county MCAs voted in favor of the motion.

The committee worked through the night on Wednesday to wrap up the sessions. The Senate’s decision to uphold or reject the impeachment would now determine Kawira’s destiny.

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