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Politics aside as shocking details reveals why Kanu’s Gideon Moi Suspended Nick Salat

by Paul Nyongesa
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Earlier this week, The Kenya African National Union (KANU) suspended its Secretary-General Nick Salat over alleged violation of the Party’s Constitution.

KANU Chairperson Gideon Moi, in a notice on Thursday, December 15, said the suspension followed a decision by the National Executive Council (NEC) after several complaints against Salat were made.

“This is to notify you that in the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting on December 15, several complaints on your conduct and violation of the party constitution were placed before members for discussion.”

“While noting that the complaints on their face appeared serious, the jurisdiction to deal with matters constituting disciplinary measures lies with the disciplinary committee created under Article 34 of the constitution,” reads Mr Moi’s letter in part to Mr Salat.

He adds that in exercise of the NEC’s mandate under Article 15 of the Constitution, the committee resolved to refer the matter to the disciplinary committee “as provided under Article 7.2 (a) (iii) of the constitution.”

Mr Salat however, declared the suspension “null and void,” insisting that Mr Moi has no such mandate.

Details close to Sunday Nation revealed that unauthorised sale of some of the prime assets belonging to independence party Kanu is said to be at the heart of the current bad blood between its chairman Gideon Moi and secretary general Nick Salat.

Officials in Mr Moi’s faction told Sunday Nation that besides insubordination and misconduct, Mr Salat engaged in the sale of some of the party assets without authorisation by the relevant organs. But Mr Salat dismissed the claims and challenged the party to produce any transaction that does not have Mr Moi’s signature.

Mr Moi and Mr Salat are signatories to the party accounts, according to documents filed with the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP). Kanu had in 2012 claimed ownership of assets worth Sh2 billion. The value could be higher a decade later.

Moi is expected to meet with officials from the 47 counties to stem internal rebellion against him after Mr Salat called for his resignation. “The chairman will be meeting with all the 47 county party officials at his Kabarak home at 9am. This is part of the preparation for the restructuring of the party,” said a party official, who requested anonymity.

Mr Salat yesterday indicated his plans to proceed to court to stop his possible ouster from the outfit. He said Mr Moi has been involved in every transaction the party has done. “Tell them not to go that direction because it will end up with casualties. No transaction takes place without his (Moi’s) signature. Tell them to show you any transaction that has been done without him appending his signature,” he said.

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