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Muhoozi risks his father’s wrath with shocking prediction of what will happen if Museveni sticks to power beyond 2030

by Joshua Wanga
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In an intense week that has seen Uganda’s General Muhoozi Kainerugaba make bizarre pronouncements that have been shocking even for his own erratic standards, Museveni’s son has come close to openly calling out his brother-in-law Odrek Rwabogo in a thinly veiled chilling threat, and just this Monday, threatened to send mercenaries to Eastern Ukraine. However, it is his latest outburst which has pundits thinking that he might have finally gone too far and punched above his weight.

In a surprising tweet, Muhoozi began by preemptively expressing his regret for what he was about to say, before predicting that before 2030 there will be an African Spring which will see young people rise up in masses, push out the current regimes and take over leadership. His tweet read,
Muhoozi Kainerugaba
Unfortunately, I have to predict that there will be an ‘African Spring’ before 2030. The young people of this continent will take charge of affairs shortly. It will begin in Southern Africa as usual. That is where Bantu revolutions begin!

Museveni has led Uganda since 1986 after sweeping to power following a guerilla warfare that he waged with his National Resistance Army, NRA.
Having been previously known to be generally a silent observer on Uganda’s political scene, Muhoozi has recently taken to twitter suddenly becoming outspoken on a number of socio-political issues in Uganda but mostly in praise of the UPDF which he hails as ‘the greatest Army in the world’. In a 2013 speech to the UPDF High Command, President Museveni said this of the then Brig. Muhoozi, ‘“I am most pleased that Muhoozi has turned out to be a very serious officer, quiet and devoted to the building of the army” in reference to Muhoozi’s work in building the Special Forces Command.

Muhoozi has been dubbed by some in the media as the ‘tweeting General’ in reference to his sudden prolific use of Twitter, frequently posting content that some do not view as befitting of someone of his rank and position in the Army and in Uganda’s social sphere.

Through twitter, Muhoozi has actively commented on Uganda’s fractured relationship with Rwanda promising to speak with his ‘uncle’ President Paul Kagame of Rwanda to allow for the re-opening of the Rwanda-Uganda border. The Rwanda-Uganda border was closed by Rwanda in 2019 in a diplomatic protest accusing Uganda of harboring and supporting elements Kigali considered active in attempting to destabilize Rwanda. On March 6, 2022, Muhoozi took to twitter to announce that the Rwanda-Uganda border would be fully re-opened on March 7, 2022, after several diplomatic engagements that saw Muhoozi travel to Kigali twice in early 2022. He said in praise of the successful negotiations to re-open the border, “The border is fully opening tomorrow. Me and my uncle (President Kagame) achieved in 7 hours what all the diplomats on earth failed to achieve. I think we need a prize.”
On 12 April 2022, Muhoozi de-activated his Twitter account. He returned on 16 April.

On 8 March 2022, Muhoozi took to Twitter to announce that he would be retiring from the UPDF although no timeline for the retirement was given. He said that, “After 28 years of service in my glorious military, the greatest military in the world, I am happy to announce my retirement. Me and my soldiers have achieved so much! I have only love and respect for all those great men and women that achieve greatness for Uganda everyday.”

The tweet generated a lot of national and international media attention with Reuters writing that the move was seen by some as preparing for presidency.
However, celebrated Ugandan journalist Andrew Mwenda, Muhoozi’s friend and long time confidant, posted a video on his Twitter timeline with Muhoozi a few hours after Muhoozi’s retirement tweet appearing to clarify that the retirement will only come in “exactly eight years” [2030]. Uganda’s next presidential election is slated for 2026.

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