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Bernard Ndong and Nina Shabaan receive HR warning after suggestive cozy photo

by Joshua Wanga
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Less than a fortnight since popular former ntv presenter Mark Masai was fired, followed by a loaded tweet from the cheerful journalist appearing to rope the HR department into his woes, two of his ex coworkers at ntv, Bernard Ndong and Nina Shabaan, are causing a stir.

The two young presenters took a selfie, with Ndong posting it on his handle and reminding viewers that soon after Nina Shabaan’s Business News, he would be presenting Sports News. His tweet read,
Bernard Ndong
Business coming up shortly with @theninashaban and then yours truly jumps in for the sports update on @ntvkenya..where are you watching from?

However, one of his alarmist followers jumped in with a cautionary reply, alerting him that HR had probably seen them. His post read,
Joel Asiago-Rural farmer
Replying to
@BernardNdong @theninashaban and @ntvkenya
HR amewaona

Worth mentioning is that Mark Masai later on explained the controversial tweet that he posted earlier on Wednesday morning which read;
“Let’s face it, a conversation needs to be had about HR & how operations can be managed better. Watch this space…Today.”
Speaking to a local publication, the charismatic journalist said that he had been misunderstood and that his tweet was made to promote an upcoming project he was to host on Twitter later today.
Less than two weeks ago, he caused heartbreak moments after it began being whispered that he had been sent home. The ex-prime time news presenter and talk-show host confirmed it saying he had a ‘great run’ at Nation and it was time to move on.
“This is the reality of the media landscape around the world,” Masai said. “Unfortunately I was at the losing end of this one.”
Masai had worked for NMG for 14 years. He is among journalists who have been offloaded as part of the company’s restructuring in the face of reduced profitability.

The journalist famously known for his thorough coverage of human interest stories explained that he was not bitter as was presumed from the controversial HR tweet.
“I am not bitter at all at NMG, at NTV I have friends there. Although it s not easy, it’s not news that anyone would want to digest,” the eloquent journalist explained.
Mark also acknowledged that the tweet caught on another life and in turn exposed the underlying problems in HR.
“Clearly there’s a separate conversation to be heard, am not putting NMG or NTV on blast. NTV is a good team, but we move on,” Mark explained.

The celebrated journalist went on to explain that the tweet was in preparation for a Twitter space he was going to host.
According to him, the conversation was to be about supporting and improving HR operations.
“The conversation will be about HR operations with a Nigerian company called Seemless HR. The company will be helping with operations from payroll, artificial intelligence to be able to track their stuff and personnel better,” he said.

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