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Hata hajapigwa- ametolewa tuu shati na tumbo ikapakwa vumbi; dismay following insensitive remark after mob justice incident

by Joshua Wanga
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Barely a fortnight after a Bondeni OCS caused uproar following his video which appeared to show him inciting civilians to carry out mob justice on suspected criminals, one incident threatened to get out of hand.

A certain Abdulahi Adan caused a stir on Twitter after posting a suspected fraudster who had apparently been roughed up by an irate crowd. The suspect, bearing an uncanny resemblance to thespian and content creator Nick Kwach, made Abdulahi to enquire about his real identity and whether anyone had ever fallen prey to his tactics. His tweet read,
Abdulahi Adan
This guy is from Nakuru anybody who knows him??. He has just received some beatings in Nairobi for conning innocent kenyans

The wide variety of views which showed a clear sadism in Kenyans read,

Owiss Ja-Ugenya
Replying to @AbdulahiAdan10
Amepigwa kweli ama ni shati amevuliwa na akamwagiliwa mchanga kidogo?
gibson kimani
Replying to @AbdulahiAdan10
This must be micah Akumu…He conned me and 40 others december last year
Abdulahi Adan
Replying to @kimgibz
What did he con you??
gibson kimani
Replying to @AbdulahiAdan10
He was to take a group to canada
Abdulahi Adan @AbdulahiAdan10
Replying to @kimgibz
So sad
Diana Mbuvi
Replying to @kimgibz @AbdulahiAdan10
I was among those 40
Replying to @kimgibz and @AbdulahiAdan10
Definitely mliachia Mungu amajibu maombi 
Micah Mutinda
Replying to @kimgibz and @AbdulahiAdan10
Micah tena? 

In the video that went viral last week, the officer clad in full police attire urged the congregant to treat crime suspects with contempt claiming that they would be acting within their jurisdiction.
Citing the surging cases of crime in the country, the officer said persons behind such attacks deserve no remorse and thus urged the public to take the law into their own hands and kill the offenders.
“Kama mtu si peaceful, you assault that person as you wait for the police, kweli?” posed the officer as the audience applauded.

The officer likewise defended his assertions while referring to Article 24 of the Constitution, which according to him vests powers on the people and police to lynch murder suspects.
“Article 24 of this Constitution says certain rights can be limited, these are rights which can be limited…and the right to life is one right which can be limited,” he said.
He added: “Nani anasema hii katiba hairuhusu kuua? Inaruhusu…Article 24, the limitation Clause, Article 51 of the UN charter; if someone commits a crime by killing another, anafuatwa under hot pursuit na pia auawe.”

The aforementioned Clause in the Constitution indicates that: “A right or fundamental freedom in the Bill of Rights shall not be limited except by law, and then only to the extent that the limitation is reasonable and justifiable in an open and democratic society based on human dignity, equality and freedom.”
A section of Kenyans criticized the officer’s remarks saying they were meant to mislead the public and promote extra-judicial killings and lawlessness.

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