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Speak for yourself, say “I won’t vote” not ”We”. Personally 2027 am voting Kalonzo-here’s why…Deni lazma ilipwe

by Joshua Wanga
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Before I proceed any further, I would like to begin with a kind request to my party colleagues either in the Orange Democratic Movement party or the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance Coalition Party who walk around arrogantly using the pronoun “we” and blinded with the deluded notion that they speak for the rest of us. Whether you plan to vote or not to in 2027 is absolutely within your rights, but restrict that to yourself. Stop imagining that you can impose your decision to boycott the poll on everyone else.

Now to my point.

Although the country’s main institutions as far as the election was concerned, namely the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and the Supreme Court, gave the poll a clean bill of health, they have both admitted that there was a small level of irregularities. The way I see it; the eventual winner, president William Ruto won by a small margin, and so this means, small irregularities are enough to question the validity of the poll.

Nevertheless, despite this, one thing that cannot be denied is the enviable and priceless contribution that was made by Honourable Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, the Wiper Democratic Movement party leader.

Let’s start from a little bit earlier. Kalonzo made a string of concessions even at the risk of ridiculing or belittling himself. Despite saying he would be stupid to support Raila Odinga for a third time, he went ahead to do it. He then swore he wouldn’t attend interviews for him to be vetted as to whether he was worthy of being appointed as Raila Odinga’s running-mate. All the same, he then went ahead to do it. Regardless of all these, on May 16th, huge embarrassment awaited the former vice-president of Kenya.

At Kenyatta International Conversation Center, KICC, Martha Karua was picked as Raila Odinga’s running-mate.
Weathering taunting and incitement from the United Democratic Alliance party, Kalonzo stood firm and joined the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance Coalition Party in support of Raila’s candidacy.
In light of all these, I believe that the least supporters of Raila Odinga can do is vote for Kalonzo Musyoka in 2027.
Yes, I get it that the electoral process may have issues in terms of transparency, but I doubt that the solution is to abstain from voting.
In 2027, I will vote and vote for Kalonzo. Not because I believe in the IEBC, but because I believe in Kalonzo.

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