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Raila Told To Keep Jose Carmago’s Name Out Of His Mouth, Told What Will Happen If He Continues

by Paul Mbogga
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Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga has been warned over several comments on fraud. This is the fourth time the former prime minister has admitted that last month’s election was rigged so President William Ruto defeated him. But political commentator and social activist Leonard Hafafa has agreed that it is time to face reality and losing in any competition is normal.

He told Raila that he should stop blaming all losses on fraud, even in recent cases where it was clear that elections were conducted as transparently as possible. For Hafafa, the High Court ruling that Ruto did indeed win and the election was fair must be the end of Raila’s grievances if he wants to be taken seriously.

“On another note, Azimio’s leader, Raila Odinga, has returned to town from vacation. He kicked ass. Again, he claims he suffered electoral injustice. It is clear that there is no connection between the truth and the supposed findings of the Supreme Court,” he said.

He also took issue with some of Raila’s remarks during a speech by Venezuela’s Jose Camargo when he attended Mombasa Governor Ahmednasir Abdullahi’s dinner. Khafafa said that he would lose the freedom hero and the label he currently holds by fighting such barbaric characters.

“Does the hero of the second liberation still risk losing his civil service credentials by going against a back-up hero like Jose Camargo?”

In other news, David Murathe is not a new name in Kenya’s political sphere, the name bearer is among the opinion makers and operatives who concentrated their self energies to see to it that Uhuru Kenyatta’s immediate heir spotted Raila Amollo Odinga for names.

To actualize his pro-Raila mission, the Jubilee Party vice-chair alongside other lieutenants did all they could to deflate Ruto’s statehouse vehicle and going by Azimio La Umoja popularity and acceptance among the Kenyans, Murathe was certain that Raila presidency was imminent.

Coupled with the fact that Mt Kenya was ‘exclusively’ behind Raila team, David looked forward to be part of Jakom’s will-be government. Contrary to his anticipations, on the D-day, Mt Kenya not only voted for Ruto enmasse but they also taught pro-Azimio leaders a lesson for their lives.

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