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Women finally respond to why they didn’t demand third-gender-rule when an all-men battalion was sent to DRC to fight the ruthless M23

by Joshua Wanga
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In an argument that has seen women accused of cowardice for not demanding to be in the squad that was sent to DRC, and waiting on the sidelines to demand for opportunities when peace will have been restored in the Central African nation, the womenfolk are now also weighing in.

All this was sparked off by a strongly-worded statement from popular online influencer Mwendia Junior who wondered why women didn’t demand for their famous one-third requirement when soldiers were being taken to DRC to help the Congolese army fight rebels in the Eastern Congo. He added that immediately peace reigns, hordes of feminists will line up demanding inclusion. His tweet read,
Yesterday I saw KDF soldiers being deployed to DRC to fight rebels.I guess all of them were men .Feminists didn’t complain about gender equality.Wait until there’s peace in Congo that’s when gender activists groups will emerge demanding equal opportunities in the government.

A follower by the name Nkatha Murungi pointed out that this was only playing along to the recruitment patterns in the Kenya Defence Forces, where systematically, more men are usually picked. She wrote,
Replying to @MwendiaJnr
Lol why are you all so bitter? During KDF recruitment they recruit more men than women. Doesn’t mean women can’t put their life on the line for the good of the many

This spat was reminiscent of last year’s sad incident in Mandera where the Kenya Defence Forces recruitment exercise in the County did not attract even a single woman from the area.
The exercise that took place at Moi stadium recorded low turnout compared to other parts of the country where jobseekers showed up in their thousands.

Recruiting officer in charge Lt Col Noor said the absence of girls could be attributed to the community’s culture and traditions where women are restricted to household chores.
He said the exercise was voluntary and encouraged the locals to try their luck every time there is a recruitment exercise saying KDF is an equal employer and focuses on the safety of their employees.

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