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Kienyeji man gets sympathy with touching sad story of how wife’s rich family turned their bushy boma into a Mercedes Benz showroom during mediation talks

by Joshua Wanga
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In a story that has not only melted many hearts but also highlighted inter-class marriages and some of the challenges that come with marrying someone from a different societal class, a sad narration has captured the attention of many.

A forlorn Franco Luambo Makiadi fan by the name Kipsoiwet went public with a story about the agony he seemingly faced from the family of his estranged wife.

Kipsoiwet who didn’t admit to be the man in question but pretty much implied it insinuated how their compound swarmed with top of the range expensive state-of-the-art vehicles from his wife’s relatives while on their side, it was only one car from a rich uncle in the police service. His tweet read,
Thirsty Kipsoiwet  
Hakuna kitu mbaya kama Kuoa from a wealthy family,mkikosana,Siku ya kesi Uwanja mzima huwa imejaa gari za kwao then kuna Aunties wake in Abroad wanafuatilia Kesi via Skype alafu saa hiyo family yenu mzima mko na gari moja ya Uncle wenu Tajiri ameingiza family mzima kazi ya Police.
Alafu Situation kama hizi hupata watu wa side ya Kijana in Surprise juu time ya wedding hawakujua financial muscle ya side ya Bibi,so inabidi wamenyenyekea na kurudi chini…“Shemeji tulikimbiza hii maneno sana acha twende tuongeleshe kijana wetu”

Part of the reason for the growing number of divorce case is the ease in ending sour marriages, following a High Court judge ruling last year. In September, High Court judge Reuben Nyakundi quashed a section of the law that barred couples from divorcing before three years of marriage.
In his judgment, Justice Nyakundi said marriage is a union of willing partners, hence they should be at liberty to leave any time they feel not contented.

Tukero ole Kina argued that Section 66 (1) of the Marriage Act, 2014, which provides that a party to a civil marriage may not petition the court for the separation or for the dissolution of the marriage, unless three years have elapsed since the celebration of the marriage, is unconstitutional null and void.
According to the law, a marriage is irretrievably broken down if a spouse commits adultery, a spouse is cruel to the other spouse or to any child of the marriage or a spouse wilfully neglects the other spouse for at least two years.

When spouses who have been separated for at least two years, whether voluntary or by a decision of the court or where a spouse has deserted the partner for at least three years or where one of the spouses has been sent to prison for a term of seven years or more or any other ground, the court may grant them a divorce.

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