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Raila’s Possible Successor Finally Named

by Jectone Oyoo
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The decision by Odinga’s daughter has sparked discussion on potential Raila succession plans.

If the veteran opposition leader decides to hang up his boots following his fifth unsuccessful presidential bid in August, Winnie, the most politically engaged member of the Odinga family, is being cited as a potential successor.

“Yes, she is among the applicants and will be one of the candidates our party will consider when the list will be finally referred to the political parties,” a senior ODM MP affirmed.

Political analysts have observed that the 31-year-old’s decision to run for office in the regional Parliament is the most obvious sign that she is considering succeeding her father, who has controlled the nation’s political scene for decades.

However, Winnie is not completely new to politics since she has been playing a significant role in her father’s presidential campaigns, particularly in the most recent two elections in 2017 and 2022.

She played a key role in energizing the youth to support Azimio, something she did with fire and zest, occasionally coming into conflict with several of Raila’s allies. Winnie will be the second member of the Odinga family to represent the nation at the regional parliament if the list is approved by the bipartisan team of Senate and National Assembly members reviewing it.

Elsewhere, The former prime minister Raila Odinga is currently in Egypt where he is expected to address the deligates. According to the news which was shared on the social media platforms, the orange democratic movement party leader Hon Raila Odinga will be addressing the heads of States as the African Union High Representative for infrastructure development in Africa.

According to the news which was shared on the social media platforms, the president William Ruto is also among the top heads of States who are also attending. Raila Odinga will be sharing his agenda as the AU High Representative on the climate change which is affecting several parts of Kenya.

Many people in Northern Kenya are suffering due to drought and famine. The government is now urging kenyans like well wishers to donate food to needy people. Let us support the national government in fight against drought and famine. Remember to maintain peace among each other during this time.

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