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Ukitegemea charger moja utalala mteja; Uncertainty in UDA as Mt Kenya’s top supporter’s riddle hints at plan B

by Joshua Wanga
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In a strange turn of events, the vitendawilis that president William Ruto long ridiculed are now the latest cause of worry in his camp after a cryptic message from one of his staunchest and most vocal supporters.

Popular online influencer and top Ruto supporter, Gulf-based Hellen Njeri took to Twitter to state that it is always better and smart to have a plan B or else you are bound to be stranded. Giving the analogy of a charger, she argued that unless one has two charges, he is likely to spend the night with a dead phone. Her tweet read,
Ukitegemea charger moja Kuna siku utalala mteja. Sijui kama tunaelewana.

The Supreme Court on Monday 5th September upheld the Aug. 9 election of William Ruto as president in a unanimous decision, Chief Justice Martha Koome said in a scathing judgement that swept aside opposition leader Raila Odinga’s accusations of cheating.

Noticeable in the poll was the overwhelming support that Ruto received from Central Kenya.
“This is a unanimous decision of the court … This court upholds the election of the first respondent (William Ruto) as the president-elect,” Koome, who heads the seven-member court, said during a televised ruling.
Ruto had been serving as outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s deputy since 2013 but fell out with Kenyatta after the last election. Kenyatta formed an alliance with his long-time rival Odinga instead.

Ruto who defeated Kenya’s two most powerful political families, took the helm of Kenya, a Western ally in an unstable region, which also hosts the regional headquarters of many global companies and organisations.
Kenya has itself seen repeated instances of deadly election-related violence, often along ethnic lines and it came as a relief for Raila Odinga who graciously accepted the court’s ruling amidst protestations.

Koome’s judgement left no ambiguity about the court’s opinion of the key arguments brought by Odinga’s team and other complainants, whose cases were combined with Odinga’s.
She dismissed two affidavits alleging that polling stations results forms had been tampered with as “double hearsay” and two others as containing forgeries. Another was described as “no more than hot air … a wild goose chase”.

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