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Signs of who calls the shots in Sugoi play out publicly after Davis Chirchir’s demeaning statement to Wetangula and his team

by Joshua Wanga
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Kenyans got to steal a quick peek at the internal power structure and pecking order in the Ruto administration after what looked like a brief moment of annoyance from Energy Cabinet Secretary nominee Davis Chirchir spilled over in public during his vetting in parliament. In a brief outburst that saw Speaker Wetangula put up with something he would never have stomached from any other nominee, Davis Chirchir made an audacious suggestion.

While responding to the vetting committee, Davis Chirchir referred the vetting committee members to his MBA term paper on the cost structure of utility firms, instead of giving them a substantial answer. Surprisingly, none of the committee members took issue with being referred to his school papers. The experienced civil servant was answering the panel on his workmanship when he shockingly referred his interviewers to his school work.

Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary (CS) nominee Davis Chirchir also revealed that he is worth about Ksh.482 million.
Chirchir stated that he had managed to accrue the said wealth by making significant investments throughout his lifetime.

Some of these investments, Chirchir went on, include owning homes in Karen and Kilimani, rental apartments in Westlands as well as a family-owned tea value-addition business.
“My financial network as declared in item number 25 in the criteria of vetting and approval is Ksh.482 million, tabulated as farms in Olengurwaini, Kipsenoi, a house in Spring Valley valued at Ksh.95 million, my Karen residence, some rental property in Westlands, in Matundu valued at Ksh.50million, vehicles, bank accounts and investments in a family tea value addition business called Chebango EPZ tea company at Ksh.185 million,” he said.

The 62-year-old CS nominee added that his annual anticipated income stands at Ksh.12 million, citing that the said amount comes mainly from his salary, farm and rental returns.

Chirchir likewise took a walk down memory lane, narrating to the committee members his humble beginnings before venturing into politics.
“I was born in Cheptigit, Kericho, 62-years ago and have settled there to date. I went to local primary schools in Bomet and later joined Kericho High School between 1974 and 1978. I did my Form 6 from between 1979 and ‘80 before joining university in 1981 to do a course in Physics and Computer Science,” he said.

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