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President Ruto shares what leader of neighbouring country told him on how to deal with violence 

by Joshua Wanga
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Having landed from a trip that brought him face to face with other world leaders, President William Ruto is now sharing the advice he received from next-door about violence, conflict and how to manage it.

He was speaking during the Thanksgiving prayer meeting at State House to give thanks for his victory. While on the issue of conflict, he let out that the Somali president, as well as the South Sudan one and the Ethiopian one as well notified him they’re well aware of the strife in the region, reminding him they are all looking up to Kenya to come up with the solution to solve the violence in the region.

Linking that to the ongoing current unrest in Turkana which has seen 9 security personnel lose their lives, he reminded the clergy to also pray for peace and security in Kenya.

The Head of State acknowledged the bandit attack in Turkana County on Saturday which claimed 11 lives.

He said his government is doing what they must do to restore security and peace in the troubled regions across the country.
“The spirit of conflict, as you all know, has also come to our country. We lost several people and several policemen yesterday in Turkana. We are doing what we must do as a government to make sure that we see the last of this kind of thing, so that our country can be peaceful and so that Kenya can play its rightful place being the anchor State in this region,” said President Ruto.
“Pray for our country so that the spirit of conflict and cattle rustling will be defeated and we are going to do our part as a government to make sure that we deal with our menace and keep peace in our country,” he added.

In Saturday’s bandit attack, the casualties included eight police officers, a local chief and two civilians.

National Police Service spokesperson Bruno Shioso on Saturday said the slain officers were pursuing bandits believed to be from the Pokot community, who had earlier raided a village and stolen livestock.

He at the same time challenged the police force to step up and deliver on their responsibilities, saying his government had supported them by giving them financial autonomy.

“They don’t have to wait for the office of the president anymore. Such challenges, they now have their own resources and they can deploy them in the best way they know and I will be demanding of them results,” the Head of State said.
“They are always complaining that they were being curtailed by having to get funds from the office of the president. But meanwhile, let us pray for the wisdom of God to be upon them,” added Dr. Ruto.

President Ruto recently granted financial autonomy to the National Police Service by transferring its budget from the Office of the President and designating the Inspector-General as the accounting officer.

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