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Linda Oguttu makes heartfelt plea to Luhyas and Kalenjins as nation eagerly awaits court’s ruling 

by Joshua Wanga
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Popular KTN journalist Linda Oguttu tossed aside her media gear to make a strange request to members of the Luhya and Kalenjin communities. This as the entire nation is drenched in anticipation, waiting for the ruling on the presidential election petition 2022 by the Supreme Court.

The voluptuous anchor took to Twitter to complain that a strange bird had been weirdly doing circles round her house. A disturbed and worried Linda urged Luhya and Kalenjin elders to help her decipher what could have been the meaning of the strange phenomena. Her tweet read,

Lindah Oguttu
There is a bird that is flying over my home….has gone round several times….a bird y’all…..at 11.33 pm….. Let me summon my Luhya and Kalenjin elders….we have a problem….May the day break Fellow Kenyans.

Historically, some cultures have vilified owls, and some have revered them, making these birds a physical manifestation of what people fear or admire. Silent and hidden by shadow, owls are seen as bad omens or harbingers of death across parts of Africa, the Middle East and among some Native American tribes. But they are also figures of wisdom among most European cultures. The birds are a holy symbol for Hindus, gods for the Ainu peoples of Japan and sacred creatures for the Hopi tribe of the American Southwest.

Habitat loss and superstition-driven maltreatment have caused generally caused the avian population around the world to dwindle, but the birds have undergone a renaissance in popular culture — a resurgence largely attributable to a wizard named Harry. In much simpler language, the romanticising of birds by Harry Potter in the widely popular franchise has endeared these creatures of previously sceptical people and an awareness can lead to a softening of stigmas. Owls are sought-after prizes for bird-watchers and wildlife photographers alike. And an innovative association is helping some owls — particularly barn owls — to prosper.

Growing ranks of farmers view their agricultural fields as a nexus of symbiotic coexistence, a place where owls and humans can live and work together.

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