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New Twist As Justina Wamae Faces Tight Security After Showing Up At Roots Party Office

by Paul Nyongesa
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New Twist As Justina Wamae Faces Tight Security After Showing Up At Roots Party Office

Justina Wamae has been denied access into Roots party offices whereby she was supposed to meet the party’s disciplinary committee from 2.30 pm.

Videos online showed her waiting outside the the gates of Roots party offices at Cara House in Karen

A group of police officers manning the gate are said to have denied her access to the party headquarters

Earlier on, Wamae had insinuated that she would ignore the summon, referring to it as petty. However, on Friday morning, in a statement shared through her Twitter account, Wamae stated that she was willing to attend the hearing out of her respect for institutions.

“Because I respect institutions, I will honour the summon,” her statement read in part.

Wamae, however, threw a jab at the party’s management for lack of well-laid structures to deal with such issues.

According to the summon notice seen by Kenyans.co.ke, the letter was copied to the party leader, George Luchiri Wajackoyah, rival political parties and media houses.

In the statement, Wamae questioned whether the entities listed on the notice would sit in the disciplinary committee to interrogate her.

“My expectation is that the copied entities will attend as members of the disciplinary committee,” she stated in a rather sarcastic tone.

Wajackoyah had earlier in June admitted that his party did not have a secretariat to manage its operations.

In a recent interview, Justina revealed that trouble with her boss began when she publicly stated her political stand after he was accused of publicly endorsing Raila Odinga, who vied on an Azimio ticket.

She added that Wajackoya blocked her and they have never communicated on phone since then.

“Before I did the public statement on the contrary. That was on August 3 and it is the last time we spoke on the phone. We were together at Bomas. In person we speak but on the phone we don’t because he blocked me. We have not spoken to him directly, but we have other people who handled the votes, our agents,” Justina said in an interview with KTN.

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1 comment

stargazer August 28, 2022 - 10:23 am

Wajackoya is still mourning elections’ loss, he was sure of victory! Now he is wallowing in shame 😣🙄!!


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