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Ruto in total panic after discovering what was spotted in Today’s Azimio rally

by Paul Nyongesa
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Ruto in total panic after discovering what was spotted in Today’s Azimio rally

Deputy president William Samei Ruto is a worried man after a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) branded coffin was spotted during the Azimio rally in Mombasa’s Tononoka grounds.

From a video clip shared online, staunch Azimio supporters carried the UDA coffin in what was interpreted as “literally putting the last nail on Kenya Kwanza by burying them politically.”

The Azimio Tononoka rally comes just a day after Ruto and his entourage held a rally at the same stadium amidst allegations that there were plans to lock his team out of the stadium. Ruto in a press conference held on Thursday alleged that there were plans to block him from Totononka grounds. However, he was not locked out of Tononoka grounds as earlier alleged by him, leaving Kenyans even more confused.

In the meantime, the decision by Azimio team to carry the UDA coffin at their rally drew mixed reactions from Kenyans as below:

“That shows Kenyans how wizards and witchcraft uda are, some uda mp from narok wished Raila bad and evils against him but God knows how to revenge, the mps child hanged himself and died this is what shows when evils are against you God can make your enemy fail that coffin will Bury uda😭😭😭”

“Nice work. We bury CORRUPTION and looting spirit, land grabbing…all that. That Coffin is timely…. symbolically.”

“This isn’t a normal/natural behavior,and it can’t be by accident men to carry a coffin just like that,for behind any behavior there must be a force/spirit spirits i.e the controlling powers: Therefore the spirits of death and violence were invoked in the space of Kenya by political witches.Let the church of Christ Jesus arise and pray for our nation. Let’s Pray and declare that there will be no bloodshed, violence ,and injustice in our land in Jesus name. 🙏”

“Those folks who brought it are cursed. Anyway the last nail on Ruto’s coffin has been hammered..we’re burying his political career on 9th.”

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