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Wajackoya’s Running mate Justina Wamae Comes Clean On Being Ruto’s Mole In Roots Party

by Paul Nyongesa
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Wajackoya’s Running mate Justina Wamae Comes Clean On Being Ruto’s Mole In Roots Party

Roots Party presidential running mate Justina Wamae has disputed claims that presidential candidate George Wajackoyah is a project.

Wamae said recent reports that Wajackoyah supports another candidate are false saying people misunderstood him for giving credit where its due.

“Our aim was to show Kenyans that politics is not enmity. You can be having arguments or different ideologies but you respect the other person, that is what Roots Party stands for,” Wamae said in an interview with KTN on Wednesday.

In a video that went viral, Wajackoyah was heard praising Azimio presidential candidate, Raila Odinga.

He dismissed reports that emerged later indicating that his remarks amounted to an endorsement of a Raila presidency.

“The notion that Prof Wajackoyah has endorsed Raila Odinga is a hopeless imagination,” Wajackoyah said in a statement.

But in a twist on Wednesday, Wamae said it’s true her party leader supports Raila but as an individual and his stand was not that of the Roots party.

“It’s true the allegations that my principal and party leader is supporting Azimio. But we have not discussed that as a party, we have not agreed and neither have I been consulted.”

Wamae, however, said in the event the need arises for them to endorse any of their opponents, she would support “the contrary”, insinuating UDA’s William Ruto.

She said she gave her opinion because she has a voice and what she stands for as a person.

“What I did was to simply underpin my boss’s view, he had given his own feedback, there was a statement, and three times we have been accused of being a project,” she said.

“I represent a constituency of women and youth and they were telling me, when you keep quiet, you come off as a flower girl. I had to put out my voice, and my boss was aware of it,” she said.

Wamae concurred with assertions by Wajackoyah that there are moles within Roots Party who are well known but the party leadership is playing along.

“Wajackoyah himself was once a spy, so a spy working on a spy is hard. He advised me not to be aggressive towards the moles, let us flow with them and let them see whatever they are trying to achieve will not be achieved,” she said.

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