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Is Mama Ngina the woman who never forgives? Beth Mugo’s brother’s nightmares revealed 

by Joshua Wanga
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Ngengi Muigai, Beth Mugo’s brother, and the president’s cousin, made a terrible and ill-advised decision back in the 90s. He launched a vicious attack against Mama Ngina’s family, and now, the legal woes that haunt him day and night are alleged to be as a result of his miscalculation.

Ngengi Muigai is the son of James Muigai, Jomo Kenyatta’s only brother who he raised like a son after their mother, Wambui, died. James Muigai went on to have a good education and an illustrious career in the Civil Service.

In 1997, when Uhuru decided to first try his hand in politics, Ngengi was completely opposed to his then young cousin joining politics. However, what completely ruined relations between the two camps is that instead of solving the standoff as a family, Ngengi turned the fallout into a public spectacle, supporting Uhuru’s opponent, Moses Muihia.
At the time, it was claimed that Uhuru was just a boy who knew nothing, and that the real power behind him was his mum, and then president, Moi.

Things got dirty when Muihia’s camp devised a plan a day to the poll to stage a kidnap and blame it on Uhuru’s family and the government. Although Muihia has since admitted that there had been no kidnap, and he was simply in hiding, this made Uhuru lose the seat.
Coincidentally (and suspiciously so), since Uhuru started holding powerful positions after his entry into Kibaki’s government, Ngengi Muigai’s woes began.

Ngengi has since lost a piece of land more than 440 acres in size, valued at about Sh3 billion. Owning KCB only 11 million, the land was auctioned after Mr Muigai defaulted on loan repayment. KCB later sold the land to Bidii Kenya for Sh70 million in 2007 after successful litigation. Ngengi Muigai went to ,court claiming that the entire process was full of illegalities, but in 2017, a three-judge bench of the Court of Appeal held that further litigation in the 25-year-old dispute had to stop so as to protect the integrity of the court process and also to protect the lender that lawfully sold the land from unending litigation.

It is claimed that while Uhuru doesn’t hold any ill feelings towards his cousin, some in his family are the hardliners, especially an unnamed powerful matriarch.
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