As President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure approaches to a conclusion, Martin Kamotho, also known as Githeri Man, has requested a chance to speak with him.

Although Githeri Man claimed to be friends with Uhuru, he stated that he had not seen or spoken to the president since 2017. After receiving a State Commendation, the 48-year-old visited Uhuru in the White House. He received an Sh100,000 cash gift from Uhuru at the time as well.

However, Githeri Man claims that nothing has improved in his life and that he would appreciate any assistance in leaving the ghetto.

“My life is not okay, I can’t hide it. I just live life as it comes and I stay in the ghetto…If someone is touched to help me I will really appreciate it. I would really love to be removed from the ghetto, this life is not good. Wherever God wants me to go it’s fine as long as I’m out of the ghetto. You know that I am a celebrity, can you imagine a whole celebrity living in this condition?” he said.

Githeri Man said he wants to meet Uhuru again and explain his predicament with a view to getting some help.

“From the time I left State House in 2017 we have never communicated again. I always hope one day we will meet and talk so that I tell him my problems because I can’t say that I don’t have problems. Uhuru Kenyatta is my friend. Now that he is almost done with his term, I only pray that he remembers Githeri man wherever he will go,” he said. Since the time I left the State House in 2017 we have never communicated again. 

Githeri Man said he gets sad when people assume that he is well off following his 15 minutes of fame.

“This is where(Kayole) I’ve lived for more than a decade. Many people think I’m rich. In fact, it makes me sad when they call me Githeri Man, thinking I am a millionaire. I have nothing. The people around here know me – they know ‘sina kitu’. Otherwise ‘wangekuwa wananipiga ngeta kila siku,” he said.