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Kenneth Marende Predicts August 9th Presidential Results

by Paul Mboga
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Former national assembly speaker Kenneth Marende has predicted the possible results come August 9th polls. According to Marende it’s clear in his mind that the former premier Raila Odinga was going to defeat the Deputy President William Ruto by 5, 000, 000 votes margin difference.

Here is a link: https://twitter.com/tv47ke/status/1555123188111228928?s=20&t=OQWcMYbXJSueVknJ6ytswQ

Marende is clear that the deputy President William Ruto is crying every day for no other reason but after sensing defeat. According to Marende, the Deputy President William Ruto’s chances of winning against Raila Odinga are indeed very minimal.

Marende who is seeking to be elected governor is busy fighting with deputy President William Ruto. However as always, let’s wait to see of what unfolds finally for it’s a fact we truly live in very interesting times.

Marende’s announcement can however be termed a prophecy for it’s not based on any methodology. It’s a fact, the deputy President William Ruto seems to have more numbers than Raila Odinga but again let’s wait to see of what unfolds come August 9th polls when Kenyans in their numbers cast their votes.

A group of politicians from western Kenya has left residents in shock after scaling down on the campaign a few days before the August 9 general elections. Electorates have observed with concern that the group, which was given direct tickets by their party has not been campaigning like their colleagues.

“We don’t need billboards of fake opinion polls. We are with the people and we are winning. Nakuru town.” The Dp has posted.

Whereas their rivals have intensified their campaigns as Election Day nears, little is seen from their camp. Speculations are rife that they might be facing financial difficulties. This is after they experienced a major fallout with key sponsors who abandoned them due to decreasing popularity. Efforts to have their coalition presidential candidate hold several rallies in their region to drum up support for them have hit a dead end due to a tight campaign schedule of their coalition boss.

Voters have threatened to teach them a lesson for taking them for granted. Most of them were given direct nominations hence the reluctance for campaigning. Word has it that their rivals are capitalizing on it to demonize them to electorates. Some of their handlers have already decamped to support rivals after sensing defeat. Those in the know have submitted that their local party has lost popularity among residents and might be overthrown in this coming election.

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