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Strange happenings in neighbouring Uganda as Museveni imports Uhuru-Raila Handshake 

by Joshua Wanga
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With the Kenyan General Election now less than a week away, Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who for a while appeared to be DP Ruto’s closest associate in the region, has made a move that has shaken up and caused disruption in the political scene.

The leader of the ruling National Resistance Movement party NRM appeared to borrow a leaf from the Kenyan book of politics after he reached across the aisle to extend an olive branch to his erstwhile political nemesis Nobert Mao, leader of the Democratic Party, DP.
This has caused concern in the country, with some observers worried that this works towards weakening the opposition, amidst fears and accusations that Mao is a traitor who has sold out to the government. This is especially so, since he was given a ministerial position in cabinet following his new working agreement with Museveni.
Mao has been doing a series of media appearances after news of his appointment. He mostly said the agreement between him and Museveni was not a merger of DP with the NRM. He also insists that he will remain the DP president general.
He has also touted the agreement as a tool of his negotiation prowess and ability to dialogue with the government saying it was necessary given the turbulent history of the country and as a way of laying the ground for a peaceful transition as President Museveni grows elderly and succession intrigue gets fever pitched.

“It’s not an accident that I have been offered that docket of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to lead that process of a national dialogue and a new consensus. Fortunately, the document is now out. Anybody can judge it,” Mao said.
Mao is partly right. The agreement can be seen as a sign of his negotiation prowess and ability to dialogue in as far as he is the only opposition politician to join Museveni’s government with a written document in his pocket.
The extent to which his claim that he is joining the government to work with Museveni on the President’s peaceful transition from power is correct appears highly doubtful. It would be a major breakthrough and departure from the President’s method of work.
Mao, a two time presidential contender, is now part of a possible early taskforce for Museveni’s election campaign in 2026. He has been praised by First Son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba. And like Gen. Muhoozi, Mao too harbours presidential ambitions.

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