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Kumbe hiyo ndio ilikuleta? Dismay as beloved UDA defector confesses deep feelings for Winnie Odinga after joining Azimio

by Joshua Wanga
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When he denounced the Deputy President William Ruto and swore to vote for the joint ticket of Raila Odinga and Martha Karua, he was welcomed as a hero and praised as a patriot. However, he latest confession is now casting doubt on his genuineness, and his real intentions of joining Azimio to begin with.

Kilimani Ward aspirant Kiigen Koech who dramatically switched sides from the Deputy President to the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance Coalition party presidential candidate Raila Odinga, took a break from bashing the DP to make an unexpected pronouncement.

Kiigen said on his Twitter handle, information had just reached him that Winnie Odinga is looking for a tall, dark and slim man. He addressed the Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga directly, saying that he meets these criterion. He then implied that he had already communicated this to Raila before, and reiterated that his life’s desire once Raila is president, is to serve Winnie breakfast each morning and shine the former Prime Minister’s shoes. His tweet read,
Kiigen K. Koech • Kilimani Ward MCA

WINNIE ODINGA has been quoted as saying that her type of man is ‘Tall, Dark And Slim’. RAO, I meet these criterias. I told you that when you get to State House all I want to do is serve @Winnie_Odinga breakfast in the morning and shine your shoes. #BabaThe5th by FORCE by FIRE!


While some playfully encouraged him, others blasted him on getting distracted by desires of the flesh instead of focusing on Baba’s campaign. Others noted he may be tall and slim but isn’t dark. Those from the ”Kamati” exposed him by posting his earlier pictures with other women.

All this is happening in the backdrop of a recent tell-all podcast interview by Winnie where she revealed that the USA Secret Service once abruptly searched her room in anticipation of her father’s visit. He was serving as the Prime Minister at the time.
“One month after settling in school, my father was to come and visit me. A day before, the Secret Service came to the dorm to check how everything was. The next day, my father came with a convoy to see me and they left.
“If a sitting Head of State or government goes to another country, they have to be protected because if anything happens to that person, you declare war,” she stated.
Further, she recalled how things at the school changed for her revealing that she was summoned by the university president over her father’s visit as many did not know that she was the daughter of Raila.
Winnie divulged that some of the students even asked if she was a princess because of the motorcade the father used during his visit to the institution.
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