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Quit calling me for small talk; Benard Ndong’ hints at weird calls from former acquaintances

by Joshua Wanga
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Former Royal Media Services Sports Anchor Bernard Ndong’ who only recently left Citizen TV is now raising his voice loudly on the issue of receiving weird phone calls from people who belong in your past.

The chisel-bodied sports enthusiast complained about people, especially past business associates, who dish out clients personal numbers after these clients have paid for goods and services using their phones. He urged people to respect others’ personal boundaries, and avoid such violations. His tweet read,
Bernard Ndong

It’s very unprofessional, weird and creepy for someone to fish out your personal number after you’ve used it for payments of goods and services to initiate unnecessary small talk. Please let’s respect boundaries. Heard several complaints from different people.


 Just last week, Ndong’ shocked viewers by announcing that he was leaving Citizen TV. Although he didn’t disclose where he’s headed, his colleagues were besides themselves with melancholy.

Victoria Rubadiri who had earlier on read the main news said she would miss him dearly. Mike Okinyi who couldn’t be in the studio wished him the very best on his future endeavors while Francis Gachuri went all religious, reading him the Altar-Boy rites as he also wished him well in his journey.

It was however Mukami Wambura who felt the weight of the departure so much that she broke down crying, unable to proceed with her goodbye wishes to Ndong’. As she got herself together, Waihiga Mwaura went down memory lane, reminding Benard how they once had to sleep in a makeshift napping area.
Ndong’ went to St. Nicholas Nairobi Primary School in Nairobi for his primary education. He then joined Lenana School for his secondary education. While here, he was a very active member in sports.
He went to Daystar University for an undergraduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism. Bernard also has a Master’s degree from Hekima College and another diploma in French from Alliance Francaise.
Ndong’ started as an intern at KBC in 2007. While here, Ndong tried auditioning as a reporter for several media stations including NTV unsuccessfully. He decided to try an audition at KTN’s The Presenter but failed to make it.
It is sensationally claimed and remembered that the audition was headed by Janet Mbugua and some other two presenters who told him that he should try something else. An opportunity presented itself when Royal Media Services had a sales job therefore he was posted at Mulembe FM.
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