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Susan Kihika Destroys KTN Journalist Ken Mijungu beyond Repair After What He Said About Her On National TV

by Paul Nyongesa
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Susan Kihika, a senator for Nakuru County, claims she skipped the gubernatorial debate in favor of a meeting with residents.

The discussion, which aired on KTN News, was chaired by Ken Mijungu, who asked the five candidates for the position—including the incumbent Lee Kinyanjui—a variety of issues.

Susan Kihika, however, was noticeably absent. She opted out of the eagerly awaited discussion, despite Mijungu’s claim that all of the candidates had been invited to the live program.

After the debate on Sunday, June 26, Kihika criticized the news anchor, accusing him of misleading the public by claiming that she had committed to attending the debate. Kihika also referred to Mijungu as a “biased” journalist.

The senator explained her decision, noting that she went to a meeting with more than 4,000 Nakuru county residents instead.

“Dear KTN, Ken Mijiungu, Journalism is a high calling to the pillars of facts and truth. It is not only shameful but unethical for a journalist, on National Television like KTN to lie to viewers. You know very well that I did not at any point commit to appear in the debate. ”

“Between a prior commitment of a meeting of 4,000 people of Nakuru and a Biased Journalist moderating a debate- I made my choice to be with the people!” she stated.

According to Kihika, the reason for the meeting was the growing unease surrounding the five women who died at the hands of the infamous “Confirm” gang.

“I attended the Security meeting on the Mawanga deaths most vile that have so far claimed six lives of women from the area. In a span of barely two weeks, the Mawanga area in Bahati Constituency has lost six women through very cruel deaths.

“A single life lost is one too many. Having lost six lives is too much loss not only to the families but to the Community. The security apparatus must act with speed to not only make sure we do not lose another life but also that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes must be brought to book and Justice for the victims served. ”

The statement elicited conflicting responses from Kenyans. While some UDA supporters praised Kihika for her conduct, others emphasized the value of politicians participating in debates.

“Very well done. A biased Media cannot moderate a Fair debate,” UDA digital strategist Dennis Itumbi stated.

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