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Amerix platform turned into roasting-place for Kikuyu ladies as Kikuyu men lead the assault 

by Joshua Wanga
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“…and to make matters worse, it wasn’t instigated by others who we could blame for being behind everything. It was our very own Kikuyu men who were the perpetrators”

That would be the one simple statement that could be used by Kikuyu women to describe the roasting they underwent on boy-child defender Amerix’s latest poll.
Amerix posted a problem by a young man. It basically read out that he is a Kalenjin man who has a Kikuyu fiancé, but the problem is that his father is opposed to the union. To make matters worse, the woman’s family is also opposed to their marriage. Having given his take, Amerix then invited his loyal followers to give their take.
When the comments began pouring in, it was a massacre. Most people sided with the father. Not just that, but they also went ahead to share that they themselves would never marry a Kikuyu woman. Strangely, most of these were Kikuyu men, confessing that their women are the worst possible marriage choices.
Some of the replies read,
Replying to @amerix
I’m a Kikuyu myself and I can’t marry a Kikuyu woman. She will drain you both financially and emotionally.
Bryan Kiprono
I also have a Kikuyu friend! He is your namesake,WAWERU, his father is a Professor, in one of the prestigious universities in the UK and he keeps advising him to never marry a Kikuyu lady, to stick with either Kalee or Maasai ladies.
Lord Ganja
Replying to @amerix
As a fellow kalenjin man do not marry a kikuyu woman. She will exploit you and your resources. Be warned. Change or perish

Despite the assertions by followers on Amerix’s page, it has been found that intermarriage can lead to peaceful coexistence. Majority of the population in Maasailand for instance, are of mixed identity, i.e. ‘nusu nusu’/manusu,,  referring to offspring of Maasai/Kikuyu/Dorobo intermarriages—who also sublet land—as well as Kikuyu who acquired Maasai identity by adopting Maasai names and culture as early as 1910
. ‘Nusu nusu’ is derived from the Swahili word nusu (‘half’). It is not clear when the term was coined but archival sources show that it was already in use in the 1950s.
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