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Wanuna Vs Yvonne Okwara results out; landside as TV girl crushes colleague with huge margin 

by Joshua Wanga
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When former KTN workmates Yvonne Okwara and Sophia Wanuna were put in a poll to find out who is favoured more by Kenyans, it was expected to be a thrilling contest which would have a nail-biting finish, with the winner squeezing through by the skin of her teeth after the narrowest of margins. However, it ended up being a humiliating whitewash. The winner beat her competitor with a massive gap as if she was running against a mere flower-girl.

When popular online influencer Gideon Kibicho set up this poll, the rules were clear; if you like Wanuna then give it a retweet, and if you favour Yvonne Okwara Matole then give it a like. By the time the poll was called, the result was unequivocal. While the post had only 195 retweets for Sophia Wanuna, it had a staggering 2192 likes for Yvonne Okwara.
This was nothing less of a categorical endorsement for Yvonne Okwara against her fellow political analyst who she left at Standard Group as she moved on to SK Macharia’s Royal Media Services.

Yvonne, an alumnus of the All Saints Cathedral Primary School, Kianda High School and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), has quite a lot going for her career wise and in life in general. But, what are some of the things that make her sad? “Injustice, abuse, neglect, and discrimination.”
“I started out doing a children’s show on KBC, before outgrowing it, naturally.  Later on, I found myself on radio, at Hot 96, then joined the Nation group through QFM, QTV and, finally, made the move to KTN.” She has said in the past about her career progression.

She lists her former News-Gang colleague Joe Ageyo as one of her mentors. Ageyo has since left the SK Macharia stable for Nation Media Group.
”Joe Ageyo, my boss, who’s also my mentor. He’s been very instrumental for me in so many ways. He’s also allowed me to take on many risks on air. And I couldn’t be more appreciative of that. Also, Kathleen Openda. She left mainstream media, but that woman is absolutely incredible!” She shared while still working with Ageyo at KTN.

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