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”Huyo ni mwizi” Ruto’s UDA MP faces wrath of residents over land grabbing in Nairobi

by Paul Nyongesa
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A section of residents of Kamukunji Constituency have petitioned the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to stop the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) parliamentary candidate Robow Mohammed Hassan on integrity issues.

The residents said that the IEBC has managed to stop some candidates from contesting based on integrity issues and therefore Rowbow should not be spared from the axe.

They accuse Robow of grabbing among other properties including Eastleigh City Council Market, Eastleigh social hall and also grabbed a church opposite the current Nomad hotel and a public school land when he was a councilor in Eastleigh.

“When Rowbow was at City Hall as a councilor he conned several people of their hard earned money and ran a cartel of fleecing Nairobians money before switching to Mandera to contest for a civic seat,” they said.

They said he was forced to move his political base to Mandera from Nairobi after Eastleigh North ward residents resisted his attempts to vie because of the ills he had committed in the area while serving as their area councilor.

They allege that Rowbow’s academic papers are questionable and should be scrutinized and verified beyond any reasonable doubt.

“We have information from reliable sources and our investigations reveal that his academic papers that he presented to IEBC are forged,” they said.

The claim that when Rowbow was being involved in the grabbing of public utilities and land it was under the administration and watch of the then Local Government Minister Musalia Mudavadi who happens to be a co-principal of the Deputy President William Ruto led Kenya Kwanza alliance.

“When he switched his political base from Mandera to Nairobi our thoughts of him joining UDA were confirmed after the party issued him with a nomination certificate to run for MP, given that party is associated with individuals of questionable characters starting with their party leader Deputy President William Ruto. They are therefore birds of the same feather and should not be trusted with leadership,” they said.

The residents said that Rowbow is seeking to be MP so that he can use that position and influence as a lawmaker to cover up for his crimes while serving as a councilor both in Nairobi and Mandera.

“We want him barred from contesting so that he can be held accountable for his misdeeds as a normal mwananchi,” they said.

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