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Sad news about Mwanahamisi Hamadi just weeks after giving birth to lovely baby girl 

by Joshua Wanga
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After announcing to the whole country and to hordes of her adoring fans that she had laid to bed a beautiful baby girl by the name Nailah, celebrated Citizen TV Kiswahili news anchor Mwanahamisi Hamadi is now feared to be facing a disturbing predicament.

Mashirima Kapombe who stood in for her colleague yesterday announced that she was doing so because Mwanahamisi Hamadi was sadly battling postpartum complications. This basically entails health problems that arise in a woman’s body some time after she has given birth. Though such cases are not common, sadly, when they do occur they can be life threatening.

While Mashirima didn’t go deep into details about what exactly is ailing her colleague, the common type of postpartum complications are post-partum hemorrhaging, retained placenta, Postpartum Sepsis and Epidural Headache.
Although little is known of the gifted Kiswahili speaker, Mwanahamisi Hamadi is known to be an avid lover of the art of cooking. She owns a cooking show, Mapishi Time, which commands a huge following. In her show, she details how different meals are prepared and even shares some recipes.

Mwanahamisi is also the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Chully Foods and Spices. Her company is just one of few outlets in the country selling legit and high-quality food spices.
Chully Foods and Spices stocks a wide range of spices that cater for the needs of all chefs preparing different cuisines.
Her decision to launch the lucrative food spices business was inspired by her passion for cooking. She also felt the need to fill the gap in the food market and especially in the supply of spices.
She currently owns one branch in Nairobi and is working in expanding it to reach more customers across the country.
“Chully foods and Spices is doing exceptionally well and it is what has kept me busy especially when I’m not in the newsroom and during my free time,” she stated.

Apart from her lucrative business, in the newsroom, she is among the leading Swahili anchors and a producer of the Mwanamke Bomba segment that airs on Citizen TV.
Mwanahamisi was awarded for her efforts to empower women through the Mwanamke Bomba show. She produces and hosts a health show, Siha na Maumbile, as well as hosts Thursday’s Sema Na Citizen.

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