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Ridiculous tactic Raila’s dad used during 1992 Constitutional Crisis to remain Opposition Leader

by Joshua Wanga
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After the 1992 general elections, Moi had emerged as the clear winner, and Kenneth Matiba, at second position, was the official opposition leader. There was no question on hierarchy of parties in parliament. KANU under Moi was the ruling party while Kenneth Matiba’s Ford Asili was leader of opposition. However, in less than two years, a combination of defections and by-elections had reduced the number of Ford Asili MPs to 23, which was the same number as those of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s Ford Kenya. This meant that there was no clear opposition leader between Ford Asili’s Matiba, and Ford Kenya’s Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

Over time, the situation degenerated to more of a comedy. Although, officially, the position of Opposition Leader ought to have been reserved for the runners-up in the election, the drastic reduction of Ford Asili MPs, compounded by Kenneth Matiba’s mental health made the situation a complicated one.

It came down to agility. Whoever could quickly rush to the leader of opposition chair faster than the other would be the leader for that day.

However, there remained a major problem on Jaramogi’s side; his age and health didn’t allow him to rush and jostle for the seat against the younger much stronger colleagues in the house.

Nevertheless, the Ford Kenya side came up with a pretty ingenious and sly way to make sure Jaramogi always had the seat.
Wamalwa, who was Jaramogi’s deputy formed a strategic trio that comprised of himself, Gitobu Imanyara and Paul Muite.
The work of the three, who back then were much younger and stronger, was to provide each other with muscular and logistical support and make sure that one of them occupied the seat.
After this, they would wait until Jaramogi arrived, and then, hand over the seat to him.
Although the following year, 1994, Jaramogi died, this helped him for a while.
Worth noting is that all this was happening devoid of tribalism. Wamalwa was a Luhya while Imanyara was from the Meru region and Paul Muite was a Kikuyu.
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