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Devastating allegations against Wajakoyah that may see him locked out of presidential race 

by Joshua Wanga
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In what now risks being a repeat of the Walter Mong’are case where he was cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to run for the presidency only to see his clearance revoked, accusations against the Roots Party candidate George Wajakoyah seem likely to lock out the presidential candidate.

Details of a past interview have been dug up, and they have the presidential candidate saying that he once ran for a parliamentary seat in the United Kingdom but was locked out because he had sired children outside wedlock. Despite defending himself that he got the kids, not out of infidelity but before marriage, he was nevertheless locked out due to having a poor ethical background. Regardless of the reason for being locked out, what this episode is alleged to have established is that Wajakoyah probably has dual citizenship, and thus this disqualifies him from running for the country’s presidency.

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance Coalition party supporter and influential blogger Lord Abraham Mutai noted this on his Twitter handle, insinuating that the IEBC should not only relook at his clearance but also lock him out if he’s found to come short of the requirements because the Constitution doesn’t allow this. His tweet read,
Lord Abraham Mutai
Wajackoyah says he run for Member of Parliament in UK? Definitely he can’t do so as a foreigner, he MUST have UK citizenship, which means he has Dual citizenship, Kenya and UK. Our Constitution doesn’t allow the President to be a DUAL CITIZEN! Clearly We don’t respect ourselves
Wajackoyah has promised to legalise bhang should he win the presidency, saying it will have economic benefits in offsetting the country’s debt.

In his latest outburst, the Roots Party candidate hit out at the Catholic Church for urging Kenyans to be wary of his ideals that touch on the growth and use of Marijuana as an economic product.
Speaking during the issuance of a snake farming license to one of his party members at the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) headquarters, Wajackoyah challenged the Catholic church leaders to read and understand his manifesto before criticizing it.
He pointed out that the growing of marijuana is not just restricted to smoking but also for medicinal purposes.
“There are some Bishops who engage in bad behavior, and they will be the ones who will be the first to condemn. They have not even read our manifesto. We are not just focusing on the smoking part,” he stated. “Tell them that Kenya does not belong to them. Some of us have even grown up in Christianity.”

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