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Reuters headline leaves DP supporters crying; so even international media also wants Azimio!!! 

by Joshua Wanga
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After months and months of crying foul over what they’ve termed as skewed coverage by the media, things appeared to shoot up to a different level for the Kenya Kwanza Alliance after a stunning headline by the world’s most powerful news outlet.

In a post that appeared one-sided, Reuters wrote on their socials entirely about the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance Coalition party, and even more specifically, about Martha Karua.
They wrote about how close the country now was to getting her first female Deputy President. Going even further, in what seemed like an endorsement of sorts, the piece suggested that far from just gender issues, Karua is more concerned with important things such as fighting the country’s rampant corruption problem. The post read;
Reuters Africa
Kenya’s presidential election on August 9 could usher in the country’s first female deputy president – but Martha Karua says she’s more focused on the issues that matter, such as rampant corruption.

This resulted in a flurry of lamenting Kenyans of UDA persuasion in the comments section. While some reiterated their support for the Deputy President, others like one Emmett accused Reuters of being biased in favour of Azimio.
Worth noting is that these sentiments were countered by Azimio supporters who also snaked their way onto the thread, turning the international media house’s post into a local Kenyan affair.

Just this month, Deputy President William Ruto called out a section of the media for alleged biased coverage, stating he would withdraw from this year’s presidential debate over unfair treatment.
The Deputy President said it is a waste of time participating in a presidential debate organized by media houses that have publicly taken sides in the August elections.
“If the presidential debate is being organized by a media house which has taken sides, what moral authority do they have to tell us to participate in the debate?” Ruto posed.
“If you have taken sides then organize presidential debate for the side and don’t expect us to sanitize the process.”
The presidential debate is organized jointly by the Media Owners Association, Media Council of Kenya and Kenya Editors Guild.
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