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Fears of fallout rock Azimio as top Raila supporter tears into his Western Kenya point-man. 

by Joshua Wanga
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With the skirmishes in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance between Rigathi Gachagua, William Kabogo and Moses Kuria causing the yellow party sleepless nights despite Kuria’s inconsistency, a carbon-copy of the same appears to have begun unfolding in the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition party.

Popular Azimio La Umoja supporter and influential blogger Lord Abraham caused unease in the Raila Odinga outfit after suddenly embarking on a vicious daylong assault campaign against Cyrus Jirongo.

Abraham Mutai began by wondering aloud where Jirongo is and why he has suddenly gone silent. In a quick follow-up, he noted that they in the Azimio camp have been quite vocal about DP Ruto’s role in the infamous YK 92 scandal. He declared that in the spirit of keeping it real, if they’re to continue attacking the DP over his role in the YK92 scandal, then they should equally vilify Jirongo who was not only his partner in crime but as a matter of fact, head of the shadowy informal outfit. His tweet read,
Lord Abraham Mutai
Where is Jirongo? His silence and absence from the national stage is remarkably Loud. And if we are to vilify William Ruto over the YK92, Jirongo must be met with the same fate!

In a subsequent tweet, the popular blogger outright asked Kakamega voters to shun Jirongo and not vote for him since his role in the YK92 scandal cast him in bad light.

The run-up to the 1992 elections was marred by an economy in turmoil, corruption, constant riots, a highly charged political climate and police brutality. The Youth for Kanu (YK ’92) was used to promote the ruling party in 1992.
With President Moi and Kanu’s grip on power threatened, young leaders led by Cyrus Jirongo and Mr Ruto, fresh out of university, would also join the group that had massive State resources at its disposal to counter the opposition.
YK ’92 promised opportunities for unemployed youth and other marginalised groups and backed this rhetoric with massive resources to counter the growing militancy against Kanu’s rule.
YK ’92 splashed cash at the grassroots to the extent that the Sh500 note dished out during campaigns for the first multi-party election came to be known as the “Jirongo,” after the group’s leader. It is claimed that all this was made possible through mysterious directives to irregularly print extra banknotes.

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