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How Martha Karua Will Prevent Fallout With Raila Like Uhuru-Ruto

by Paul Mboga
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Kenyans have been reassured by Martha Karua that if Raila Odinga and she form the next administration, there would be no animosity between them. The running mate for Azimio La Umoja stated on a Monday that she would respect Mr. Odinga. She declared that giving Kenyans results will be her major priority. Martha said that she would try to settle any differences discreetly if they had any.

“I know the role that I was called to serve and that is to be Raila’s running mate. So, I will give him the respect he deserves, and likewise, he will do the same.

“If we have arguments, I will not be the type to talk evil of him. Sometimes, you may differ on opinions but such things are solved behind closed doors. The public wants results and not other theatrics,” she told the press.

Karua gave an example of how she resigned from Kibaki’s cabinet. “I was a minister in Kibaki’s government before resigning. I delivered in the job I was given. When I resigned I did so respectfully.”

She added: “I respect my captain Raila and I will never disrespect him or Kenyans. I am ready to work for Kenyans, I pray that God guides me.”

Martha Karua at the same time assured voters that they are better placed to fight corruption in the country.

“We have fought this war on corruption before and with the right captains in office, the war shall be won,” she stated.

Meanwhile,  Kenyans have been urged not to support candidates who will regress the nation by taking public resources rather than working to advance it by President Uhuru Kenyatta. He has proceeded by urging people to support candidates who would further the agenda he started.

” Don’t vote for thieves in August general election. Stand with those people who will complete the jounery that we started.” Said President Uhuru Kenyatta without mentioning directly who should be voted in as president in the upcoming August general election.

Uhuru has frequently participated in campaigns for Honourable Raila Odinga, the leader of the Orange Democratic Party. He is adamant that Odinga succeed him, which has infuriated many who support Deputy President William Ruto and made them demand that he run for Ruto.

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