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Waihiga Mwaura’s younger brother’s unbelievable incident in Rwanda

by Joshua Wanga
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Startling details are now emerging concerning an incident involving the younger brother to celebrated news anchor Waihiga Mwaura, and which apparently took place in Rwanda a couple of days ago.

All this was revealed by David Mwaure who is not only Waihiga’s father but also a presidential candidate in the forthcoming August poll. He was speaking while making an appearance on KBC’s Good Morning Kenya which was hosted by the station’s presenters Rashid Mwamkondo and Mwajuma Ali also known as Chozi La Almasi.

While explaining his vision of a working Kenya free of corruption and other ills, he gave an example of Rwanda, narrating a recent story that had apparently happened to his son.

He told his hosts that his son had landed back into the country on Sunday from the land of a thousand hills. His son who was excited about his Rwandan experience told him that he had personally witnessed someone leaving a phone someone, and coming back the next day to find it safe and waiting him. What shocked him even more was that a similar thing happened with money forgotten somewhere mistakenly.

Mwaure explained that all this didn’t necessarily have to be foreign and only applicable to Rwanda, but could easily be practiced here as well, and all that is needed is the correct leadership.
Mwaure is not only the party leader of Agano Party, he is also a senior counsel and a seasoned politician who has vied for various elective seats in previous elections.

Mwaure is making his second stab at the Presidency after he offered himself for the position in 2013 but later on shelved his ambition.
He is a long-serving advocate with experience of more than 35 years having completed his Law degree in 1981 at the University of Nairobi.

Mwaure is also a holder of a master’s in leadership from the International Leadership University and is currently pursuing a PhD in the same field.
Mwaure who is an ordained minister of the gospel is not new in the political field having registered his Agano Party 16 years ago. He has previously vied for different elective seats at the constituency and county levels.

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