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Mashirima’s suggestive Fathers Day post humiliates alleged baby daddy Otoyo 

by Joshua Wanga
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If ever there were to be one sweet and gentle lady who ice couldn’t even melt in her mouth, then it would have to be Citizen TV’s Mashirima Kapombe. Or at least that’s what she would have us believe, but her Fathers Day post points to an opinionated woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

While almost all women who have children were celebrating their fathers alongside their children’s fathers, Mashirima Kapombe did it her own way and with absolutely no apologies to make. In fact, she capped it off with quite a suggestive remark that seemed to call out and put to shame absentee fathers.

Making it obvious that she’s not in any serious relationship presently, Mashirima began by declaring that her father is her number one man, and went ahead to wish him a happy Fathers Day. She then proceeded to also wish all the men carrying out their fatherly roles a happy Fathers Day. Noticeably, there was no mention of her child, or the alleged father of the child. Her tweet read,
Mashirima Kapombe
You will always be my number 1 man daddy  Happy Father’s Day  to my dear father and all the wonderful men carrying out that role gracefully and intentionally.

Mashirima’s son, who is called Kenga, is widely believed to be the product of her relationship with comedian Kazungu Matano famously known as Captain Otoyo Sibuor. If that’s the case, then though Mashirima is raising Kenga as a single mother, the two entertainers brought forth a handsome baby boy.
Kenga recently turned seven years old and his mother threw him an exquisite party that featured a cartoon-themed two-story cake that was well-received by his friends and family. The birthday seemed to have been a hit as both he and his mother were smiling from ear to ear. Mashirima and Kenga seem to have a special bond. Before her son’s birthday, she shared a throwback video with him. The video shows Kenga belting a nursery rhyme with his mother lipsyncing alongside him.

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