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Khalwale’s Fathers Day celebrations go terribly wrong amidst demands he addresses the nation 

by Joshua Wanga
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Former Kakamega County senator Boni Khalwale who’s now aspiring for the same seat once again saw his Fathers Day celebrations go wrong. The bull fighter who is known to have sired many children is rumoured to be a father to tens and tens of kids, and this was what led to the whole drama.

Taking to Twitter to express his feelings on Fathers Day which was yesterday, the ecstatic senatorial aspirant simply wished himself a happy Fathers Day and posted a photo of children who were believed to be his. However, this opened a torrent and flood of sarcastic and disrespectful comments on the thread. One actually went as far as cheekily demanding that Khalwale addresses the nation since Fathers Day is more like a public holiday for him, and he’s the patron. Some of the comments were,
Ian Muyumba
Replying to @KBonimtetezi
Happy father’s day, Doktari. May you live to blow 1000 candles
Eng. Tingwe Bosire
You could have just said to blow years that are directly proportional to his family heads.
Replying to @KBonimtetezi
What sampling technique did you deploy to arrive at these representative sample? Because these are just a drop inthe ocean
inakaa capture recapture
godwin agutu
Replying to @KBonimtetezi
So kiogos you have been wished #HappyFathersDay by your 47 children , Daktari you are father of fathers.. After Raila you will be the papa
Replying to @KBonimtetezi
You should have posted all your kids. I know you have a hundreds of them.
Osama bila dem
Wanapostiwa in batches
Chepkurui KE 
Replying to 
I love how you spread the gospel of filling the earth Omwami and you deserve the Senate seat to keep on feeding this small nation of yours.
godwin agutu
Replying to 
You should address the nation on this #FathersDay .. it’s ur day Daktari! We are waiting for you to take the mic! Na hii Senate ni yako akuna pingamizi hapo.. please tell us something!
However, not everyone was negative. There was one which seemed genuine from one Okwach Opondo. Sadly, even this one still disproved of his politics despite its positivity. It read,
Okwach Opondo
Replying to @KBonimtetezi
Omwami, sometimes I don’t like your politics. But indications are that you are a model father. Happy Fathers’ Day to you. And if regaining your senatorial seat will see you becoming even a better father, then you must be voted in!

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