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Exiting with a bang; as fears of military standoff with Kagame rages on, Uhuru clashes with another leader.

by Joshua Wanga
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In an interesting self-fulfilling prophecy, Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta who got into office on the wave of nationalism amidst fears of leading the country into isolation by the international community is now leaving office on very much the same note. Having recently called for a regional force to counter the allegedly Kagame-backed M23 rebel outfit in Eastern Congo, president Uhuru is now also on the warpath with a much powerful and more formidable leader.

In what is likely to be termed by observers within the international circles as diplomatic blackmail, Kenya, in a startling move, has sought an explicit revenue-sharing deal before backing US President Joe Biden administration’s push for a global minimum tax rate on multinational companies.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) says the country is seeking to know the share of taxes it will get from Washington’s push for multinationals to pay most of their taxes in the country where they are headquartered, even if their profits are sourced from developing countries.
The call for an explicit revenue-sharing deal comes amid lobbying for Kenya to join the 134 countries that have backed the agreement.
Countries like Kenya are fretful that the agreement is unlikely to reflect their interests amid the promise that an estimated $125 billion (Sh14.6 trillion) worth of multinational profits would be available for reallocation to nations.
The agreement seeks to introduce a global minimum tax rate in a bid to end what it dubbed a “race to the bottom” where businesses channel profits through low-tax jurisdictions.
Just days prior to all this, President Uhuru Kenyatta called for the deployment of a regional force to restore security in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s violence-torn east, where heavy fighting has revived old animosities.
The mineral-rich DRC is struggling to contain dozens of armed groups in the east of the vast nation, many of which are a legacy of two regional wars a quarter of a century ago.

Weeks of violence have grown into a diplomatic standoff between the DRC and its neighbour Rwanda, who it blames for the recent resurgence of the M23 rebel militia.
Rwanda has repeatedly denied backing the rebels while both countries have accused each other of carrying out cross-border shelling.
“I call for the activation of the East African Regional Force under the auspices of the East African Community (EAC),” Kenyatta said in a statement.
Kagame is yet to respond to this latest development.

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